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    Hey girls and guys!

    I’m litte stuck with “Flashlight”. :-( Most of my visitors are leaving my gallery after a few seconds. I asked some of my visitors and most of them told me, that they havened found the buttons to switch fullscreen-images. Also not recognized: The Option to show fullscreen. Another problem is, that “Flashlight” is not responsive. At this time nearly 1/3 of my visitors are using mobile devices.

    So I’m thinking about a new theme and I would prefer one of Kriesis. I like them, the support is great – but he does not like photographers. :-(

    I would like to get a sortable portfolio [1] – but – the images should not show any captions and should open directly into a lightbox. Is this possible? Can someone show it to me?

    On Flashlight I’m using many plugins, with a sometime causing trouble. So I don’t want to use NextGen for example, if possible.

    It would be great to get access to a testblog, like some other companys offer. But I don’t think, that’s an option. :-(





    …and another question: is a child-theme included?


    Choices, Eunoia, etc. won’t display all portfolio entry images directly in a lightbox but you can use the ajax option which will load the post content and display it at the top of the portfolio page (including a slideshow with all featured images, etc.) or you can link to the single entry page. Choices, Eunoia, etc. should be compatible with Nextgen gallery but maybe some gallery effects (slideshows, etc.) are not compatible – however the default gallery grid will work and you can use the theme lightbox to display the images. If you’re not in a hurry I’d wait some weeks because Kriesi will release a new theme soon: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)


    Thank you, Dude! I would write a wishlist to Santa – uhm – Kriesi! :-)


    Hey Dennis,

    You can do so here:




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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