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    I have 2 section Portfolio and Project.Im changed header.php for differend banner(Project and Portfolio) its ok no problem..

    But when i click breadcrumb navigation (Home>Project>Project1) i seems header portfolio..

    how to show separate thats header(in breadcrumb) ?

    How else i can solve this ?:)

    (My english so bad sorry for this ..)



    and i have one question more..

    how i cant show portfolio page number(pagination)..(i saw select the Colum Count:4 Columns pagination working!)

    Admin panel Options;

    Select the Column Count :4 Columns Sortable

    How many entries should be displayed per page? 10

    and i cant show pagionation in this options(Sortable…)



    1) I think you mean the archive view but can you post a link please. Maybe I misunderstand you.

    2) It’s not possible to use pagination with a sortable portfolio – it wouldn’t make sense because you want to sort all entries not just the items which show up on one page.


    Hey Dude thanks for answer.

    I’m Working localhost..

    i have differend header.php , header-project.php header-portfolio.php its working but i have a problem breadcrumb.

    i changed archive view header..

    I have two portfolio..Project and Portfolio. I have problem in breadcrumb..Im cliking portfolio item and project breadcrumb

    Home » Project category name » Project Post ….

    When i clicking ” Project category name” , i seems header portfolio..? i want to see project header.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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