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    thank you for creating this very nice coalition wordpress theme.

    I bought it on themeforest yesterday and installed it on my server.

    Everything is fine except the way the page scroll down and up.

    I explain myself :

    on the themeforest preview of the theme, whenever you click on a category in the left menu

    (home, portfolio, features, etc…) tha main part of the page is scrolling down or up ,and the menu which is on the left, stays on the screen , at all times.

    But on my coalition theme, the menu is sticking with the top of the page, which means that if i go to the portfolio, the menu on the left will stay up, and won t be anymore on my screen, and i will have to scroll up to get back to the menu.

    Is there any way i can fix that?

    Thank you,



    Hi Julie,

    In order for the menu to stay while the page scrolls, it needs to be smaller than the browser window height. So you will need to remove widgets in your sidebar (under Widgets) in order to make that content smaller.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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