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    I was changing the color of buttons, backgrounds from Theme Options . I set orange color for my website . And i was able to see the changes in my website clearly .

    But when i logged out from admin, it go back to default blue color theme . After login i an again see the website in orange . If so what is the use of theme / color change option in admin . Only admin or logged in user can see the changed color on website .



    Another Issue i noticed . I added a few more social icons from Theme Options . I can see new icons in my website if i logged in from admin . In another browser i accessed my website and i found new icons are not showing there . This means from the theme options , the changes are visible only if i logged in from admin and not to public . Really making trouble .


    Hey jithinsree,

    WP super cache by default does not show you a cached version of your site while logged in. What you were seeing was the live changes while logged in. Then when you logged out, you were seeing the cached version created by the plugin.

    Disabling that plugin completely until you are ready to have the site completely live and actively being viewed. It really will have no effect other than to frustrate you while developing.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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