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    If you take a look here:

    It would appear the thumbnail is not quite cropping in the center. Is there a certain image dimension I should use to make sure my products look good?

    or is there a place I can set my own dimensions?


    Hello metropolitandetail,

    Since they are being cropped as squares, you might want to try 520×520 or 650×650 for a bit bigger.


    still didn’t do the trick. look at blue velvet:

    it’s odd because it’s just fine on a 3 column. Even with a huge image. check out how big I made purple haze in the pretty photo viewer and it crops just fine up until column 3 view:


    Hello metropolitandetail,

    I see now. Thats a result of the columns compressing and then hiding the overflow. I’m not sure you can actually do anything to effect it in 4 column view since its already being compressed by the sidebar. I know for the Abundance theme, there was an additional element created to handle the shop which might be a result of this kind of thing.


    yeah I’ve decided to go with the three columns anywho. thanks


    I’ll mention the behavior to Kriesi for the next time he is looking at Corona fixes/bugs as well :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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