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    I’m rather new at wordpress and really enjoyed the flashlight theme. So I decided to purchased it to learn and play with wordpress through it. I am trying to make a page where there are lots and lots of images using basically using one of the gallery (preferably the masonry one) but have the ability for someone to comment on the images. Essentially almost like facebook? And once again, I have no idea how easy or hard things are because im new at this. It might be a straight up no or something really obvious. Either way thanks in advance.




    it’s possible to add commenting to individual image pages or to an entire page. It would be hard to allow a commenting area below every image shown on a page. Let us know what you’d like to do, there are some interesting topics on commenting in Flashlight on the forums already by the way – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ” class=”bbcode_url”>maybe this is what you’re looking for.


    Hi Chris,

    I checked the post you linked in your response. While that’s a great addition to the page im trying to create, I would absolutely love it if it was possible to

    A) allow commenting area below every images shown on a page (almost like a tweet) or

    B) there was no comments on the page, but rather commenting after the image was enlarged (clicked). I noticed that you mentioned this is the harder method. I have a friend that’s familiar with coding and he’s willing to help me. However he’s not familiar with wordpress. Perhaps im trying to get a better understanding of the template and get some guidance on the possiblities.

    I perfer Option B. Let me know if it possible. Once again, thanks for your time.



    I think it’s not possible by using native wordpress functions. WordPress allows you comments for single post, pages, etc. only and you can’t create several comment areas per page/post. Your friend would need to create a custom comment system which uses a different comment database structure, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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