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    After going through and allowing comments on all blog posts, I come back days later and all comments are closed. All normal ways to edit thios behavior have been exhausted. I have had this theme for over a year now and it has been doing it since then – but I never returned to check, only thought I had missed something, and was not receiving any good feedback. But everytime I go back they are not allowed. this time I tested it after a week or two and all are closed again. Please help.


    Hi jlsclarity,

    Go to your wordpress Settings menu then go to Discussion. Under “Other comment settings” check if you have the box checked next to”Automatically close comments on articles older than “. If so, you can change the period of auto closing or just uncheck it to take that feature away. This is a built in feature of wordpress so it might have been turned on during a wordpress update or something like that.




    Thanks Devin, but Ive tried everything within WP and this is still happening. Any other thoughts? If it was something with the theme I would expect to see other posts about it, but I dont.


    Just to be clear, that setting is not checked? As far as I know there is no other setting within wordpress or the theme that would close comments automatically.




    Correct, it is not checked. I made sure of that some months back. After about a week it always reverts to comments closed.

    Instead of never closing(set to 0 days), I have currently set it to close comments after 111111 days, and I will check back in a month – if that works it will no longer auto close until reaching that landmark.

    Hopefully, I wont be contacting you for 304 years. :)


    Hopefully that works for you, I’ve not ever heard of this kind of thing before so a workable solution would be great :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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