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    For some reason comments are not displaying on the bottom of my posts.

    I have checked my settings/ discussion etc and everything seems ok there. There is no discussion tab or comments tab appearing at the bottom of the post edit screen in the dashboard.


    Comments do seem to be working on portfolio entries though – they appear on the page and there are the respective edit areas in the dashboard edit screen of the portfolio entry.


    Am I missing something obvious?


    Hi circusvoltaire,

    At the top of most wordpress pages there is a tab labeled “Screen Options”. When viewing a post, go to the top right and hit that tab/button. Select the checkbox to display discussion options so that you’ll get the meta box for comments and you can then turn them on/off for individual posts.




    Hi – ok maybe I’m daft but I enabled discussion in the screen option as you said and then checked allow comments with no one restricted on my posts and still the comments are not displaying?



    Ok well I played around with some settings – and deleted the posts and re posted them and now the comments are working – thanks.


    Hi circusvoltaire,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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