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    I think I deleted something on the contact form that is supposed to be there.

    “Please make sure to not delete the Email Field bellow, otherwise the script wont be able to send a mail”

    The contact form is not sending emails and I think it’s because I deleted this. Can you please tell me what should be there?

    Thank you


    Hey jsethanderson,

    You just need to add in a new field and label it E-Mail, make it a text input and make the validation “Valid Mail Address”. That should do it.

    Also make sure that the email address above for Your email address is valid and that it isn’t auto rejecting incoming emails as spam or putting them into a spam folder.




    Thank you for the reply. That seems really easy but unfortunately I’m fairly new to all this I’m not sure what that field should end up looking like.

    Can you show me an example? Thank you.


    The default form looks like this:



    Somehow, I seem to have lost my contact page altogether. The contact page now shows my portfolio images. It seems to have happened when I moved the Contact page to be a top-level page (no parent.) I tried creating a new contact page, but this still does not include the contact form. How do I get the contact form back? And the page you are showing “Add new form elements to your contact form” – where is this? I can’t find it.



    Create a page, leave it blank or add some text on it. Then go to Replete > Theme Options > Contact > Contact Form Page, select the newly created page. You can add or remove fields. That’s it. :)




    Thanks, Ismael, that seemed to work (although I’m pretty sure I tried that on the original contact page and it didn’t work. Oh well, there was probably something I didn’t do in exactly the right order :-)

    So now that I have the contact form, how do I change the text from “Send Us Mail” to “Send Me Mail”? How do I add or remove fields?

    Thanks in advance,




    To remove or add fields go to Replete > Theme Options > Contact > check the screenshot Devin posted above. You can click the green plus sign to add fields or click the red x sign to remove fields.

    To change the text “Send Us Mail”, go to includes > contact-form.php amd find this code

    "heading" => "<h3>".__('Send us mail','avia_framework')."</h3>",

    Replace it with

    "heading" => "<h3>".__('Send Me Mail!','avia_framework')."</h3>",




    I assume Replete is the toolbar across the top? When I go to the Theme Options > Contact page (it’s Contact and Social Stuff on my Velvet theme), I don’t see the form shown above. (I would post an image here, but I’m not sure how to.) I see: Contact Form page, Your email address, Your twitter account, RSS feed url, Your Facebook page/group account.

    Also, how do I “go to includes > contact-form.php” Where is this? I think I’m missing something important here…



    Aw.. so you’re using the Velvet theme? Please don’t post it here, this post is about Replete theme or kindly tell us that you’re using a different theme. Better yet, create a new thread for your inquiry. :)

    Anyway, unfortunately, Velvet doesn’t have that capability. You may need to edit includes > contact-form.php to add or remove fields. You can access it on Appearance > Editor.

    If you just want to post an image, edit your Contact page then look for “Add Featured Media”, upload your image there.




    Sorry, I’m new to this forum and did a search for issues with contact forms and this came up. I didn’t realize it was specific to a theme. But thanks for the info, I was able to do what I wanted by changing the contact.php.


    Hi deannamc,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. :)



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