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    OK Dude. I’m back with another very basic question. I’ve at least tried figuring it out myself (tinkering with code) and googling “forms & php” to get an answer before posting here. But no luck!

    Where in template_contact.php do I set my email for the form info to be sent to? I’ve tried inserting my address in a few places to no avail. I’m not receiving my test messages.

    Thanks, Dude!



    According to the documentation the email adress of your blog/website is used (which you entered during wp installation).

    H) Setting up the Contact Page

    Create a new Page and choose the Page template Contact Form. If someone sends you a mail it will be automatically sent to the email adress you entered as the admin adress of your blog. Sometimes there are issues with sending the mail. this happened to some of my earlier customers and it always happened to be a problem with the server configuration. Please ask your server admin/support if that doesnt work out correctly.

    If the contact form doesn’t work you can try plugins like Contact Form 7: or CformsII:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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