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    I am new to WordPress and templates so please bare with me. I am setting up a small Portfolio site for my client using the Angular theme. They are very keen very keen that we include a large google map of their location on the Contact page. I am currently using the standard contact page as supplied in the template (with right sidebar).

    How do I go about adding Google Map into the top of the page (not the sidebar).

    Is there a widget I need to get? Do I need some special code?

    Would be great if you could help me out please. I see you use the Google Maps in the Coherence theme.

    Many thanks



    Angular does not import google maps out of the box but you can use plugins like: – it allows you to insert google maps into your content (by using a shortcode).


    Hi Dude, thanks for the information. Keep the post open if you don’t mind, I’ll let you know how I get on later today / tomorrow. As I am new to this I may need a bit of help? Many thanks Maj



    Sure – I won’t close it :)




    Hi Dude, got it thanks, and it seems to work perfectly well. I have used it as you said, as a shortcode in the main contact page content.

    (I will send you a link once it goes live if your interested, I am working in maintenance mode till we get it ready.)

    Thanks for all your help.



    Hi Maj,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)




    Hi Dude, Ismael

    sorry to re-open this post but I have encountered a problem I did not see. Angular is a responsive site, works brilliantly on any device, but the map is not accounting for this. I added the map to the page and it works fine, however it does not resize when used on the ipad, iphone, and other tablets. For instance the right hand sidebar ends up over the top of the map when the client views the page on his ipad (portrait).

    Is there some code I can use to make the map resize? Maybe by adding some custom CSS?

    many thanks



    Hi Dude, Ismael

    fixed the problem by using % rather than fixed pixel widths. I have posted this in case any other beginners have the same issue.

    thanks again.



    Hi Maj,

    Glad that you’ve fixed it. And thanks for the tip. :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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