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    I’m facing a weird issue on contact us page. The mail gets successfully sent to my mailbox, even the autoresponder. But when the user clicks Send button, there is a very long delay and user doesn’t get any notification on the website saying ” Thanks for contacting us”.. Please help!

    The site is deployed on the dedicated server and email gets sent via SMTP (with the help of WP-Mail-SMTP plugin)




    Don’t waste your time with those don’ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) plugins since anyone can just view-source:http://pacewisdom.com/contact/ and click on the image link. All its doing is adding load time to the page and protecting nothing.

    Please update your theme. You are using a very old version of Choices. Version 1.8 can be downloaded from themeforest.net. Please use ftp to update the theme files. Please be aware that the update will overwrite all the theme files so make sure to create a backup first. So much functionality has been update that it makes no sense trying to work with this 6 month old version you are using.




    Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your reply. As per your suggestion, I removed the Right click image plugin and also updated the theme to version 1.8. The Contact US form problem still persisting. Help!

    One more question, How do I make all the social network button open in new window?



    I think something happen to the page when you inserted that dmca protected image above the form. Because see when you submit, the form is supposed to turn green, and it does, so there is no wait http://www.clipular.com/c?9655025=FzVuN8bYq7i8J3wS_dRnWYPaXmY&f=.png However you are suppost to see an Ajax confirmation message right around the place you have that dmcs protected page. Can you replace the following two pages with fresh, unedited files before you added anything to them, because you can add that image back again once the form starts working.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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