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    I’m using the latest version of Enfold (3.1.5) in combination with Toolset Types/Views/Cred.

    Due to an issue with Toolset, I had to test some functionality with another Theme which I have done by using Theme test Drive – where you can switch as Admin to another theme. Using this for quite a long time without any problems.

    However, after switching back to Enfold’s Child Theme – all widgets were empty or even set to the standard values.

    Any suggestions to get my old content back?


    Hey stedia!

    Could you check if they are still available in the Inactive Widgets section?

    Best regards,


    Yes – they are indeed there.

    Why are these widgets made inactive by a Theme change – or I my case were I was just using a Test Theme (plugin Test Theme Drive)?

    Is there anything I can do to avoid this and keep the content of widgets fixed?



    You can load a backup to get your old content back. Starting from WordPress 4.2 widget areas require unique ID’s and Enfold 3.1.5 provided them which may reset your existing widgets. You should not have such issues in future.



    I will see what a future Theme change will do. I have the latest op WP and Enfold in place!.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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