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    How do I get my content to scroll wile the the menus stay stagnant? www,



    You need to remove the twitter widget or other content from the sidebar. The sidebar will scroll if it exceeds the browser window height (which is the case on your website). You need to reduce the height by removing some sidebar content.


    I’ve removed everything in the sidebar and the content page is still not scrolling independently.


    Ok – you also need to set the one page portfolio. Go to Coalition > One Page Portfolio and add your page/portfolio/slideshow, etc. elements to the portfolio. You can create link sections with the “Page Section” element (i.e. the demo page: uses 5 “page section” elements – Home, Portfolio, Features, etc.). Each “page section will create a new menu item on the left side – if the user clicks on it the “one page portfolio” on the right side will scroll to the accordingly. Maybe you need to activate the one page portfolio (Coalition Option panel).


    And a little tip for your site: You also need to fix up your background image, it cuts off at the left if you have a monitor that is 1600px wider or wider. You should have either a repeatable background, or one that fades to a solid colour that you can then make the background colour (eg. black).


    I think my background is fixed? But, the scrolling thing is not. I’ve been running my page on one page portfolio, and removed all sidebar widgets and it’s still not working. Thanks :0)

    #52743 doesn’t use a one page portfolio at the moment – please create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll create a simple one page portfolio. You can also import the dummy data to create a sample portfolio…


    Your background image is now 1.5mb! That’s way too big for a background image, and certainly one of that style. Use a JPG not a PNG, and you should be able to compress that to less than 50kb easily.


    Why is the sidebar scrolling too? Isn’t it supposed to stay still.


    I fixed the sidebar issue now (with css) but it’s a bug. I’ll report it to Kriesi.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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