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    How do I edit the copyright note in the bottom of the footer?

    Also, do you have code similar to the twitter one that can be site under the ‘tweet’ function in the blog? I want it to FB the individual post though not the main website.

    Awesome theme, cheers!


    For Facebook Widgets you might check this out. Just Google how to use them with WP if you are having trouble, it should be a fairly typical thing.

    The footer I can help you with though. Just go to Appearance>Widgets and you’ll a couple of columns for Footer. Just drag a widget you want to those columns. The most generic is Text where you can enter free form text into the widget column.



    Cheers for the reply, I will look into the FB thing.

    For the footer, I can edit the 4 columns with different widgets but it’s the stuff below that which I was referring to (at the very bottom of the page), where it says: “(c) Copyright ‘blog name’ – Theme created by Kriesi etc etc. How do I edit that?



    You need to open footer.php – there you can remove this text.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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