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    as others mentioned it in this forum, too, I have the same problem, that CORONA causes really a mess at FTP.

    I use WP 3.2.1 as a multisite installation. So I have at FTP a folder “blogs.dir” with subfolders for each blog (ID) etc., where all uploads go.

    I have installed CORONA in October and uploaded images (featured images for pages, for example) in October and in November.

    WordPress creates in blogs.dir … a folder for my blog-ID etc. and even for November, too – but uploaded files in November are all going in October folder at FTP.

    This causes really a mess, because I have a huge number of images to upload now and in future.

    What ever I’ve uploaded to CORONA theme, even today (17th November!), it’s in the 2011/10/ folder (FTP) instead of 2011/11 now :-(

    blogs.dir -> 20 (= it’s Corona’s blog ID) -> files -> 2011 -> 10

    No single image is in “11” folder for November at all :-(

    I run in this multisite installation other blogs with other themes, and each other theme puts the image files correctly in the month’s folder, when it has been uploaded.

    Any fix?



    Here a screenshot of the media library, that shows the different dates:

    upload date is 17th November, WordPress folder at FTP is 2011 -> 10:



    What settings do you have there for uploads? You may need to set the path manually…but I guess this is where you need to tweak settigns for uploads. Normally I guess the themes put everything in a month by month folder unless you want all in a single folder. There are also some plugins that can put uploads in folders named by categories like


    In SETTINGS -> MEDIA I have only image sizes settings, there’s nothing concerning a path:

    Other themes and other blogs within my multisite installation really do put their images in right folders. It’s only CORONA that does it not.


    ok, just made a test. It seems that this is really an issue of CORONA:

    When I upload an image by using MEDIA -> UPLOAD, this works fine and goes in the right month folder:

    Uploaded 17th November, and goes into the right folder 2011 -> 11.

    – – – –

    But an image will NOT go to the right month folder, if I upload it by using the settings WITHIN A PAGE, at the bottom, where it is “featured media”:

    I upload it through “featured media” settings at the bottom of a page and when I then after the upload take a look at the media library, I see this:

    Uploaded 17th November, but goes to the folder 2011 -> 10


    Another featured media problem … :(

    It’s not multisite problem, I use WP 3.2.1 single wp, no multi site, and it is the same, images goes to 2011 -> 10, without titles or alt tag, upload-date is OK.

    The theme is completely unusable for me, at the moment?


    I did a fresh install and uploaded an image and it goes correctly into 2011/11 so I have no idea why yours would upload it to another folder.

    Have you tried the plugin I linked?

    Looks to me that your server thinks its one month behind the proper date



    … featured image uploads are in the month of installing date, in your fresh install it’s November … wait for December :)

    I’ve install Corona in October, and I’ll post about 1-2 posts per day, so after half a year my 2011 > 10 folder should have about 2000 images :) not to mention that I plan to have my website for years



    I have looked into the issue and think it has to do with the fact that the themes featured media uploader uses a separate single post that stores the image attachments. since wordpress seems to upload the images into the folder that corresponds with the date of the post creation, and that hidden post is created on theme installation it seems that all image are going into that folder.

    Please try the followng:

    open the folder framework/php/ and search for the file class-htmlhelper. at line 418 a post id is selected. you can change that selection by altering the following lines from

    $postId = avia_media::get_custom_post($element);


    global $post_ID;
    $postId = $post_ID;

    That will attach the image to the actual post, and should place the image in the correct date folder.


    Great! Thanks Kriesi, 2 of my issues solved with 2 lines of code :) I’ll test code and let you know …


    Works like a charm, thanks a lot, Kriesi! Dankeschöööön :-)


    Confirmed, works for me too, thanks again :)


    Good to see it works =)


    Can I also recommend Custom Upload Dir a cool plug in that will upload your media/photos in folders inside the /Uploads/ folder based on your categories. So instead of having a giant folder with only yearly folders you can have as many folders.

    Very useful when you have hundred of images that become thousands with all the different format sizes. We now have images sorted by cities and restaurants or theaters etc… so its much easier to find photos if you have to dig in that folder manually instead of a giant single one.

    My 2 cents

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