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    Life would be much easier for me if I can use the original WP set featured image function rather than uploading an image to the post and then uploading to the featured media (to set the featured image…which also creates a slideshow I don’t want)

    What code do I need to remove/ what do I need to do so the original “Set featured image” meta box comes back?




    Hi Stewart,

    When you use the themes ‘Add featured media’ uploader you are applying the featured image to that post. Its just a different interface for doing so.

    Just make sure the Post Layout meta box is set to Small Image preview and it won’t display a large slideshow above the post but instead use the alternate layout.




    Thanks Devin,


    -when I choose a picture from my “Nextgen gallery”, via “Add featured media” meta box, I cannot set the featured image(no option)

    -when I upload from my computer via “Add featured image” and choose thumnail, it creates a featured image:-) but gives me no option for the in-post, image size. (post layout with small image creates a little square to the left or right but I need larger images of the artwork shown in the post)

    I want to use my images from the nextgen gallery instead of doubling up on my storage and also want to avoid uploading twice… togeather with a “hide slideshow css”




    Hi Stewart,

    When you upload the image with the themes Upload button, you can still set it as the Featured image in the pop up that appears. Its a link at the very bottom of the image options.

    This will assign the image to your post so that it can be manipulated by NextGen.




    Hi Devin,

    I am aware that I can set the featured image with the theme uploader, but depending on my pagelayout settings, that places an image within a slider (which I don’t want) I can give you the scenario I am trying to achieve.

    I have a page which lists post categories (products). The list also shows the featured image of each post.

    When a customer clicks on a product image, it should take them to the post – where a larger image can be veiwed. (not a small thumbnail or slideshow…depending on page layout)

    Also…Using the theme uploader gives me a new image in the media library. I want to use the many images I already have in nextgen galleries.

    How can I achieve this?

    This it how it looks at the moment… ….(follow the TEST2 link)


    Hi again,

    I seem to have found a way around this problem by using this plugin…Automatically Set 1st Image as Featured 1.0…




    Glad you found a way to fix it. :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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