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    It seems to me that the calculation of the position of the megas menus is not correct.

    avias.js, line 220 :

    else if(pos.left + megaDiv.width() > parentContainerWidth)
    megaDiv.css({left: (megaDiv.width() – pos.left) * -1 });

    must be

    else if(pos.left + megaDiv.width() > parentContainerWidth)
    megaDiv.css({left: parentContainerWidth – megaDiv.width() – pos.left });

    else the mega menu can be outside the parent container.

    With the change


    Without the change


    With Chrome and Internet Explorer left position (pos.left) are false.

    Example : Firefox, pos.left : 130 px, Chrome, pos.left : 139 px, so position of mega menus are wrong.

    Anyone know why these browsers do not give me the right values​​?



    Hi Nicolas,

    What version of Abundance are you using? The mega menu position should be correct in all browsers by default so there could be a plugin conflicting with the position or something else going on.

    If we can take a look at your live site, we can inspect things live and see whats going on.




    Well I met this problem using a cache plugin after minifying CSS and JS files…


    It is right that during loading the page on IE the mega menu goes right and after comes back to the center.


    Yes but this is a technical limitation. Kriesi uses javascript to calculate the position and when the browser loads the website it doesn’t execute all javascript functions immediately but it must load the js files first and then executes the code. During this time the browser may not know the right menu position and it will just float it to the right.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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