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    I’m sure some wordpress experts (and hopefully novices!) know how to create a popup / lightbox effect where i can imbed a WP page. I’ve created a large table that I need to pop up on a window. I don’t want the people to leave the page, so the best way I can think of is to pop it up on the current page.

    HELP! Thank you in advance :)


    - John


    Hi John,

    You might have luck looking into a plugin that can add that functionality. I don’t know of any off hand but there is almost always a plugin out there for what you are looking for.




    What about if I converted the actual graph into a picture… is there any easy way to throw a picture into a lightbox that pops up on a link-click?


    Yup! Anytime you add an image into the page it will be available as a pop in a lightbox. Just choose a smaller size in the dialog box when adding the image into the visual editor.




    Can I replace the shrunken image with an icon that linked to my image?

    Thank you very much btw! Big help.

    – John


    Hi John,

    You would need to upload a different image via ftp or otherwise in the same location as the other images (depends on how you have wordpress set up). That way, the small thumbnail is the file you upload instead of the one automatically created by wordpress.

    Its a bit of a hacky work around but its simple. So, if you are using the smallest thumbnail via wordpress (i think its default 80×80) you’ll replace the file called “imagename-80×80.jpg” .




    ahhhh I gotcha. That makes a lot of sense. I’ll try that out. Not sure if you saw my post regarding the client logos but that’s my last hurdle. If you have any idea how I can set that up I’d REALLY appreciate it.



    Glad Devin could help you. Can you direct us to your last thread?



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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