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    I just want some insight as to how this was created:

    Specifically, in this demo when you click on the first picture it goes onto another gallery. And then when you click on a picture there it pops up in a lightbox. I’m wondering how the first page was configured (because if you create it as a gallery or portfolio item, it will just open up a portfolio item or open up a lightbox, respectively).

    What we want instead is the 3-tiered behavior that’s demonstrated in the demo link.


    Hi anchor,

    This is created using the themes Portfolio options in the theme admin. You assign a page to hold a group of portfolio items which are defined by the categories you select.

    So for the above, Kriesi has selected the page called “PORTFOLIO 3 COLUMNS” and then chose all categories, 3 Columns, 9 Portfolio Posts, Yes title and & excerpt and finally no on pagination.

    If you want to add more of these kinds of pages, you click on the green + on the bottom right of the fiirst portfolio option panel. Make sure to save your changes and that the page you choose to hold the portfolio doesn’t have a dynamic template assigned to it in its own page options.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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