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    Try as I may, I cannot get the crop feature to work within the media files. It appears correct on the page layout, but then reverts back to the 100% image when live. Im sure Im missing something very small, but it is very frustrating. Your help very much appreciated.



    can you post a link to your website please – it helps us to investigate the problem.


    It appears the thumbnail and the full images are reversed in the limelight function; in other words the full image is displayed and when brought up in the link the thumbnail is shown. The site is at It is currently not live.


    Please post a link to a sample entry where the thumbnail issue occurs. It helps me to fix the bug or to tell you what’s wrong. I found: and but both display fine for me here.


    I had to use a workaround and make the images fit the use. The issue is, and I believe it is a bug, the two respective images both full and thumbnail are being transposed in their use. So, when using the crop function it would naturally follow that a thumbnail is produced for the text excerpt and the full version displayed in the limelight, when in fact it is using the opposite – the full photo is used in the excerpt and when the limelight is clicked the thumbnail is shown. I would like to use it as it is intended, but I got anxious and just decided not to use the crop function and use images of my own dimensions. No example is left on my site where the images are working incorrectly now.


    Did you upload some images before you installed the theme – if yes maybe some thumbnail sizes are missing and you need to regenerate your thumbnails by using:


    I did not. All the photos I used were uploaded within the theme framework. I also noticed today when viewing the site on both IE and Firefox that the images are missing completely! Any reason for this?


    I.e. I checked this page: and I noticed that you use .tif images. I think they’re not supported so you need to use jpg, gif and png and the images will appear in Firefox + IE too. Firebug reports that the images can’t be found because the url is wrong which indicates that Firefox just can’t display the file – i.e.:


    Yup, that was the issue…. funny how IE and FF don’t support that format, but clearly that is the problem involved. On the issue of the crop/scale can it be confirmed that the two formats are transposed in the theme? That feature would very much streamline the process of converting the .tiffs to .jpgs or .gifs.


    Upscale uses the WordPress standard thumbnail generation function to resize & crop images. It’s based on the GD image libary which doesn’t support tif files – I’m pretty sure that the theme can’t handle tif files….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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