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    I’ve been trying to customize my cubit site, to include some elements such as a tabbed box, or accordian type box so that I can organize a bunch of content in a more manageable way. But no matter how I attempt to do this; it always ends up disabling some other feature on the page. (Usually the menu, which I just spent so long trying to figure out how to customize!) I finally got that darn menu to change colors on hover … only to knock it out .. when I put anything else interesting on the page other than text and a plain image.

    Eventually, I get exasperated, put my content in folder separate from Cubit theme, and then just call it onto the page through an iFrame.

    It’s getting tiresome, though.

    Now, I’m trying to expand the footer with a background color or image and a 100% width so it can include content like navigation, etc. Of course, the theme does not want to play. No matter what I try, I cannot get the footer to break outside of the 900 pixel content area. Clearfix has not worked, adding a footer plugin, for some reason, fills the entire content section with my footer background color. I (right up to beneath the navigation bar. I think this has something to do with “top” but i can’t nail it down. The definition of where the footer begins, is ambigious to several methods I’ve tried.

    I’m feeling very frustrated with this theme, because it doesn’t allow much use of widgets. None on the homepage and none in the footer. No use of the WP menus. So I”m pretty much forced to customize .. only to find that there is a conflict with nearly everything I try. I just bought the theme a few months ago, so I’m surprised that I’m having trouble with current design stuff like the jquery shortcodes.

    Am I trying to push the theme beyond what it can do?



    no I don’t think so. The problem with jQuery plugins is often related to the fact that the plugin authors disregard coding guidelines (i.e. they don’t care about the noconflict mode, etc.). You can try to delete following line in js/custom.js:


    to deactivate the noConflict mode.

    That said I know that Cubit (compared to newer themes like Velvet, Broadscope, Brightbox, etc.) isn’t state of the art anymore. It was released in April 2009 and web/wordpress/html development continued of course.


    Thank you for your reply. I will give this a try. I realize it’s not your job to teach Javascript to every person who buys a kriesi template; so I really do appreciate the patience the support team extends on this forum.

    Eventually, I think I will migrate the site into a more recently released template. The beauty of this theme is it’s simplicity. It’s not easy to “junk it up” and that just might be a good thing, or it would lose it’s aesthetic appeal.

    If I do move to a newer template, do you think I will find myself back in this position if I go with Clean Cut, Avisio or Habitat? (They just seem closest in style to Cubit. Easier to make it appear as the same design… I’m guessing.) I just don’t want to bump my head on the ceiling, so to speak, in 6 months.

    Thanks for the help.


    Habitat offers a post/page slideshow function (Avisio & CleanCut can display one slideshow only but are based on the same framework). If you’re searching for a minimalistic theme I can recommend Velvet (my favorite one at the moment: ) because it combines all new features (template builder, slideshows for post + pages, unlimited portfolios, shortcode generator, embedding of videos (html5/video services, etc.)) with a modern and clean design.


    Hmm. I’m considering it. I’ve never considered Velvet because the navigation is so dang boring. It’s basically just text links. Are there any styling options built in for the menu?

    Other than that, it looks beautiful. It really helps a lot to have the differences in the Kriesi themes laid out the way you have above. He should add something like that to the FAQs or General question section. (maybe it’s already there.)


    Because of the minimalistic styling/approach the Velvet menu uses link columns instead of dropdowns. Submenu items however will display with animation.

    I agree – a feature comparision table or something similiar would be very helpful. I’ll look into it after my holiday :)

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