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    Hello !

    I would like to custom the background (to add an image). When i go to appearance>background, i upload the image then i save change but suddenly the image disappears and my background stays white.

    I tried to change the color too but it is the same : once i save, it disappears…

    Could you have any idea how i can fix it ?

    Is there anything that prevents from changing the background ?

    Thanks !



    It is not going to work because Avisio is using a different layout. Where exactly do you want the background to show? Can you give us a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?




    Hi !

    thanks for answering so quickly !

    I just want to change the background in every page. Normally I should have to go there : Custom Background>Background Image

    and then to upload and to save changes. But it does not work.

    It does not take my uploaded picture or my browsed pictured or another color into account..

    I am developing it locally on my computer so i can’t send you a link…

    What do you mean by using a different lay out ?

    Thanks for answering, I really don’t understand why it does not work properly…


    Hi epennes,

    It sounds like your local server may not be set up in a way that is allowing the theme to save the variable properly. You may need to change your server settings a bit to more properly mimic a live server.




    I think you were right because it works now ! i didn’t modify anything on the server property, but after changing something on .boxed in style3.css and delete what i changed, it has worked !

    thanks for your help !




    Glad you finally make it worked.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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