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    I read your documentation but need more specific instructions to help me with adding a margin to all images with a class of alignleft.
    I would like to insure that the text will wrap with a 10px margin on the right and bottom. I would like to set it as a default so that other users do not have to fiddle with it when adding a post.

    Please explain exactly where I can make these changes and what I need to add. I tried to add Custom CSS to the custom.css file but don’t think this is correct. Is this what I need to add to it?
    /* General Custom CSS */
    #top .clb-alignleft {
    margin-right: 10px;
    If this is correct, then will the styling be automatically applied when an image is uploaded and set as “left” when adding to a page or post?
    Thank you!

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    Hi Connie!

    You can add something like this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .alignleft {
    margin-right: 10px;

    Assuming you insert an image using this code:

    <a href="LINK HERE" class="alignleft"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE"></a>



    That worked, Thank you!


    I have another question. I’m sorry but I can’t find a previous forum discussion on this topic. and am unable to begin a new thread. I would like to understand how to change the format of how posts are viewed on the front page.
    Right now a preview image is not viewed, but an Icon is instead. I do not want to display the Icon, but want the image of the post to be displayed. Also, I do want a link to the original post with a Read More. Where can I change these settings?

    My settings for the Blog Posts widget is
    Display blog posts
    Frontpage Article
    Single Author, small preview Pic
    Excerpt with a Read More Link
    Set the preview image size automatically based on column or layout…

    My website is bringingmiracles.com

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    You can set the way your blog displays via the main theme options or if you are using the advanced layout builder to add in the blog to a page then it would be on that specific blog element.

    The available styles are listed under the Blog menu item here: http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/blog/



    Thank you Devin, but my question relates to something a little different. Your reply addresses how to set up the layout for a blog on the blog page. But I am asking about how to change the way a blog entry can be formatted differently to appear on the home page when using the “blog posts” widget.

    Please look at the following bringingmiracles.com main page. I have it set that one blog entry would be displayed on the main page. But the blog entry displays an icon. I do not want the icon displayed, but would prefer to use the same styling/format that is set with the advanced layout builder for the blog page. Which you can compare the same blog on this bringingmiracles.com/news_blog/ “blog” page.

    I love the theme, by the way!


    The blog output is either handled by the individual advanced layout builder element, the shortcode if you added it in that way or by the global setting in the theme options “General Settings” tab under the “Blog Style” dropdown.

    If you want an image to show where that icon is then you can add a featured image to your post.


    Thank you, but adding the featured image brought up a new problem. When the icon was used, if a user clicks on the icon, it links to the blog page. Now, with the featured image, if you click on the featured image, it goes to a page that lists all images. That won’t work either.
    Any suggestions? Please look at it at : http://bringingmiracles.com/

    Thank you.



    That is weird. Can you please post the login details here? Set it as a private reply. We would like to inspect the post and the blog page.


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    I created a new post called “Test” then added a featured image. The featured image and the title takes me to the correct post when clicked. Please recreate the post “Feeding Orphans”, the permalink is incorrect. I’m not sure why but did you manually change the permalink of the post?

    This is the post that I created: http://bringingmiracles.com/test/



    Thank you. I don’t know how the permalink changed, but I did changed the title of the post after I had published it, so perhaps that caused the error. I really appreciate your help. I love this theme! I will use it on other sites in the future, I’m sure.

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