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    I am using Enfold with a child theme. I am having a problem with getting any CSS changes to work that are not being done through a direct Enfold Theme Styling Option (such as the General, Header, Main Content options, etc).
    Any CSS I am applying in Quick CSS or my Childtheme style.css does not seem to be taking effect.
    Even a basic call such as styling a header:
    h6 {
    does not seem to override.
    Can you help me with the following:
    1. Does the theme prioritize hierarchy of CSS and if so should I be putting my changes in Quick CSS or my stylesheet.
    2. Are there attributes that I cannot change with QuickCSS or a stylesheet (such as stylings for portfolio content and div sizes) that I need to make elsewhere?
    Thanks in advance


    Hi themeforesttony!

    Can we see your site live with the css in place on your child themes style.css? There could be a syntax issue or something else causing them not to take effect.

    Priority wise, the above would need to be tweaked a bit in general since a plain h6 doesn’t have enough priority to override the theme. It would be more like:
    #top .entry-content-wrapper h6 { some css }

    The .entry-content-wrapper encloses the typical content areas of the site and the #top ID encloses all of the page content. So the combination as a prefix gives more direct selectors for your actual changes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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