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    I have some styles in shoutbox theme options -> Quick CSS and I wanted to move them to custom.css file, because it was getting a bit difficult to read. But when I move the styles to custom.css file they stop working. I thought they should work the same way. Am I missing something?


    Hi ozgurpolat,

    They should work the same but you might be running into an issue where they aren’t properly more important than other classes because they are now in a new file.

    It could also be a caching issue where you are still looking at the old custom.css file which hasn’t been re-downloaded from the server. Doing 3-5 refreshes should fix that issue.

    If its the first, seeing the page live and inspecting what you have will allows us to see what can be done.




    Hi Devin, I created a child theme of shoutbox. and under theme folder I created /css/custom.css file where I put in the styling. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. If I put the changes to custom.css under shoutbox not the child theme it works, but if I do the same in the child theme it doesn’t. I have successfully created the child theme, I know this because I made some changes to style.css.


    In a child theme you add all of your css to the main style.css. A custom.css file within the child theme would be ignored.


    Hi Devin,

    The following code works in quick.css but it doesn’t in style.css, I refreshed the page a few times:

    /* Gravity form styling */

    .gform_wrapper .gfield_required {

    color: #FFFFFF;

    margin-left: 4px;



    Without seeing it live I can’t really say why that would happen. You have to look at what css is, its cascading styles so the stuff at the end takes priority unless the stuff before it has is more specific.

    So if you can provide a link to a page showing the Gravity Forms and that css in place in the child theme style.css file we can assist with where you might be going wrong.




    Hi here is the Gravity Forms where I try to change the colour of red starts to white. It works fine in the quick css but when i try to use style.css in the child theme folder it doesn’t work. Actually it doesn’t even work when i use it in the style.css in the main theme folder, or in the custom.css file.



    I tested it on your custom.css and it works fine.

    /* Gravity form styling */
    .gform_wrapper .gfield_required {
    color: #FFFFFF !important;
    margin-left: 4px !important;




    But my question is why it doesn’t work in the child theme style.css. I would like to put these in the child theme folder if possible.


    Right now I only see the css in this file:

    If you activate the child theme and leave it there, it will probably still be loaded in last which means you need to keep that file clear from css.


    Hi Devin I switched to style.css in the child theme and cleared the custom.css, and it doesn’t work.


    Without actually being able to see the child theme active there really isn’t a way for us to diagnose what the issue is/was. How you have it now modified from within the plugin will work fine but it would be a lot easier and generally make more sense to add things as simple as this to the Quick CSS field anyhow.


    I think the issue was this:


    Theme Name: Shoutbox

    Theme URI:

    Description: Child theme for the Shoutbox theme

    Author: Your name here

    Author URI:

    Template: shoutbox

    Version: 0.1.0


    My template was “Template: shoutbox “, but the directory nameI used was ‘shoutbox-child’ so in fact I should have used “Template: shoutbox-child. That was the problem.

    But thanks for everyone who responded.


    Glad you got it figured out:)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



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