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    Hi there,

    We’re trying to find the best way to provide a custom id / class to attribute to certain placements of a plugin we’re using on the site. In some instances, we’re looking to have the width fixed at 200 width, thus we’re looking to create a custom id for those placements that would instruct:

    div.srp-widget-singlepost {
    width: 200px;

    In other places, we’re looking to have the code have no limit on the width, or be defined by a different limit. However, any attempt to assign a custom id hasn’t been successful. The code we use on the page for this plugin is exemplified like this:

    [srp widget_title=”All Broadway Shows” widget_title_link=”http://broadwaysbestshows.com/broadway/” widget_title_hide=”yes” thumbnail_width=”200″ thumbnail_height=”116″ post_random=”yes” post_type=”page” post_title=”no” post_title_above_thumb=”yes” post_limit=”50″ post_order=”alphab” post_content_mode=”titleonly” post_date=”no” post_category_prefix=”Category: Spotlight” category_include=”504″ layout_mode=”multi_column” layout_num_cols=”3″]

    Can you advise the best way to define these separate IDS under the custom css sheet? (we’re a bit lost in the best way to successfully code this).


    Sample pages – http://broadwaysbestshows.com/broadway/ (the Broadway directory on the right 2/3 would be limited to 200 width for the titles; however the news items on the homepage would not be limited http://broadwaysbestshows.com/, as both are the same plugin).


    Hi broadwaysbestshows!

    What is the plugin you’re using? We don’t usually give support for third party plugins. Please contact the plugin author.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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