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    I have uploaded a custom logo as seen here

    However, the background of the logo is not matching the background of the page. I have tried using the psd file of the deafult “display” logo but the colors still dont match. I have also tried uploading the logo with no background but it just turns into a white background when I upload it. I am not sure why it isn’t matching. Please help me fix this.

    Also, what settings do I use on the front page slider to mimic the default transitions seen on your DEMO? I am using the mainpage slider tool.



    Hi kidcurryy,

    Your image should be saved with a transparent background in photoshop. Then Save for web and make sure that you see the checkered transparent background and not a white one.

    You could also use a .gif with a transparent background if you are more familiar with using that file format.

    I don’t know the exact transition setting off hand but I believe its just one of the options available for the cuber (flash) format.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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