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    I created a custom menu but I had created 2 categories, and seem to have been cached, as they are.

    Paragraphs are created from the menu in capital letters, the first two (man and creative study) should be home, and do not change … why would it be?

    Neither displays the font selected in the menu (Vollkorn).

    Thank you!


    Would be helpful if you shared a link to help us understand.

    Custom font option doesn’t work correctly for me either, so I’m using a cufon plugin


    Sorry …

    try it with the plugin.

    the page is

    thank you very much



    you need to create a menu with the menu builder/manager (Appearance > Menus). Select this menu as main menu (Theme Location option field). Afterwards all menu items will be displayed with the cufon font. The fallback menu does not support cufon.


    Hey, thank you very much!

    The menu was created, but hadn’t activated in the location menu.

    all it’s all rignt!



    Good to see it work :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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