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    So far I love the theme! Very nice and clean, both front and backend.

    We currently use all-in-one events calendar to handle our events. I set up a template for the homepage, and then selected the insert post/page content in the template builder. However, the short codes no longer work for the plugin when I do this. Other wise on pages not using the template builder short codes work as expected.

    I was wondering how difficult it would be to build into the template builder the functionality to display all-in-one events similarly to how you can select to display your blog? I’m not so concerned about using the formatting that is supplied with plugin, I’d prefer it to be displayed simply like a blog post. I’d like to do this for future users of the site, so if someday I’m not around they can still build pages including that functionality.

    I’ve worked with custom post types before and feel comfortable getting my hands dirty with a some coding.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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