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    I’m attempting to work with charting software, that requires me to place unique information in the <head> section of each page that I want to include a graph on. Any thoughts on how to best accomplish this?


    Hey smlsit!

    What charting software? Can you please give us a reference link or something? What kind of theme do you have?

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    I’m using the Enfold theme (sorry, didn’t realize what forum I was in when I posted this) and the charting software is KoolChart (

    I was hoping to use a if-then statement in the page.php to make alternate get_header sections, but it doesn’t appear that Enfold uses page.php.



    You can place the info or script on headerl.php, under the <head> tag.

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    Problem is I have up to 60 different pages that are gonna need unique code in the header.



    Include the script by default, remove it in the pages you don’t want it (i guess they are less).


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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