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    Hi could you please tell me how to

    1) get rid of the active state of the main nav, i.e. I do not want to have on, say, home page ‘home’ link being a dark button but like stay like the rest of them.

    2) give background to all navigation items, i.e. like on mouseover or in active state but different colour.

    Thank you heaps!



    Hi again,

    Could u please advise if my question will be answered soon? Or if its a side product then where do I a go to ask them questions?

    Thank you,




    1) Use following code in css/custom.css:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega > .current-menu-item > a{
    background: none transparent;
    color: #666666;

    2) Use following code:

    #top .main_menu .avia_mega  > a{
    background: #333;
    color: #fff;


    Thanks a ton :)


    Glad Dude could help you :) Excuse us for the delay.


    Nah, ur the best :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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