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    I’m trying to customize the main blog pages to look like my main products page.

    This is the products page http://aeonhart.com/rafaelshop/?page_id=739

    ideally, you would click on a category on the left and it would take you to an identical page, except it would show items from that specific category.

    I’ve tried attaching the same template to the “blog” page and child pages but that doesn’t work, and you can’t seem to select custom templates on the theme options for blog layout. Any help would be appreciated


    EDIT* Just spoke with the client, he is ok with the category page, but he suggested some changes, so I no longer need to apply a template but I do need to do some modifications. So I would still like to know how to modify the main blog layout. I assume it can be done in the CSS editor, but I’m not sure where (since both abundance and woocommerce seem to affect the final layout). Any ideas would be appreciated.


    Hi theauthor,

    The blog layout can be changed in a few ways. The easiest of which is to just go to the Theme Options>Layout&Settings>Default Blog Layout.

    Next, you could start doing simple changes with css (text, sizes, minor layout mods etc). For anything more serious, you would need to start messing with the template files. Either directly editing the themes php files or doing something like creating a dynamic template with the template builder and having it display a blog feed how you want.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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