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    hi, i am cusrious if this point has been missed or not, but after choosing the dark theme style if you look at the featured products on the index page under the slider from the dummy import , you will realise that the arrows to browse the featured products are very hard to see ,

    what should i do and where can i change the colors of these arrows, plus keep in mind that i dont want the colors of the arrows from the dark theme to stay the same on the light theme style , if not i will have to change it manually every time whether its in css or not.

    im expecting this to be corected in a way as default in the code for logic sense when we change the theme style color




    You can change the color of the arrows by editing the actual image. Unfortunately, you can’t control it using css.

    I think red is a good choice. You can download it here

    Let me tag this one to Kriesi. I think this should be included on the next update.




    alright thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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