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    I’m having a strange issue with this theme. I’ve uploaded a default background image, but it’s not working. The site background remains a solid color. However, I added a background image to a page, and this one is working just fine.

    Main Page with the missing background image:

    Music Page shows unique background image:

    I don’t have any plugins activated, and this is a brand new install of WordPress 3.3.

    Any ideas what’s happening here?





    you need to set the background-repeat to “repeat” instead of “no-repeat”. It seems like you’re using a small “gun metal pattern” with only a few pixels width/height. The user won’t see it if you don’t repeat it along the x/y axis.


    Actually, I only did that because I thought it might be required to show the large Default Background Image Gallery photo. This is the one I’m concerned about because it’s not showing up on my pages…




    Well, because I’m on a deadline I started over with a new database; this time I did NOT install the dummy data. And now, things seem to be working as I would expect them to…


    Strange – however the funny thing is that the background worked for me before too. I just changed no-repeat to repeat and the pattern displayed fine….


    Sometimes things get a little quirky! ;)

    It’s all working fine now, though… On to small graphical tweaks!


    Good to see it all works now :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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