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    I’ve got to a place where my eunioa theme is perfect. The site is looking fantastic thanks to your efforts (http://kleboe.co.uk). The only issue I’m having is with the javascript loading on a mobile browser. The load is painfully slow and I was wondering if there was a way to defer the loading of the javascript which would work well with wp_enqueue_script? I’m not a coder but have a reasonable understanding that if you respond saying ‘put this code in <here>’, I’ll be able to do it. Thanks for your time,




    Which of the javascript do you think is making the loading on mobile browser really slow?




    229.5KiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load:

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/jquery.js?… (86.0KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/avia.js?… (46.8KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/aviapoly2.js?… (35.0KiB)

    http://assets.cookieconsent.silktide.com/…/plugin.min.js?… (24.5KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/jquery.prettyPhoto.js?… (18.1KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/jquery.form.js?… (12.0KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/scripts.js?… (4.0KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/…/avia-social.js?… (2.3KiB)

    http://kleboe.co.uk/ (857B of inline JavaScript)

    The top three jquery, avia and aviapoly2 seem the main culprits and they don’t like minify either. I’ve tried minifying using W3 Total Cache but it breaks the site. Could I physically combine the files into one? Might be worth a try but might also make minimal difference.

    Could I just place all the javascript in the footer? I’m guessing this would break it.


    YSlow thinks I have a grade F on ‘Make fewer HTTP requests’. The issue might not be with the overall size but could be just the number of files. The home page has 10 external Javascript scripts and 14 external stylesheets. Is there some way I can combine them into one? Maybe an online program you can recommend? W3 Total Cache is claiming to combine all the JS and CSS in the wordpress dashboard but in practice it seems it’s not working.


    Hi kleboe,

    Try to use the Super Cache plugin. It might help you.




    Thank you for your suggestion but Super Cache hasn’t made any difference to the HTTP requests load. Mobile viewing is still sluggish. I’ll keep searching for an answer.



    I’m not sure if combining all the javascript file will work but I guess everything is worth a try. Just make sure you have a backup before doing so.



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