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    I was adding and basically testing out the portfolio option. I had created 3 and there was one section that was already set on the Portfolio section added before I had added more. I delete 3 of them since I was testing and change things, then I see that they all deleted and now I can’t add a portfolio at all. There is no “Add portfolio” option anymore. I referred to a previous thread that’s similar to my issue but it’s not working out for me. (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Not sure if I am not doing something right to fix it or if it could be fixed at all.




    The user had a database error. He asked his hoster to restore the database and the error was gone.




    Okay, thanks

    So In my case, where the option is not there any more, what could I could?


    Hi Safequest,

    You can try deleting the theme then re-installing it again. If you can give a bit more information on what happened and any other changes you made at the same time we might be able to diagnose better.

    Also make sure to disable any plugins you have running and check that both wordpress and the theme are updated to the most recent versions.


    Thanks for your reply,

    I wanted to avoid re-installing the theme, if possible. I already inputted a lot of information in the portfolios :/

    Under the “Avisio options”, you see the “portfolio options”, I went there. I notice that there was the “Portfolio Image Link” section and another section (not sure of the name) that was for Organizing the look of the portfolio. I remember it had a few drop down menus that had column 1,2,3 or 4 and another asked for the category of where the portfolio I wanted to show is under. In that section, there’s an option (or link) to Add another portfolio ( the same section that was there already) or “Delete Portfolio”. Since that one section was already there, I added 3 more of that portfolio section. I was messing around with it, trying to see what each selection under that section looked like. Eventually I deleted those 3 that I created. When the page refreshed, I notice that original option of that particular portfolio section was gone. I most likely deleted all four. Now that portfolio section is not there and there is no option ( like it had before I added more) to “Add Portfolio.” Under the portfolio option, all I see is “Portfolio Image Link.” Those were the only changes that happened after I had created “Portfolio Items.”

    Hope I explained that better.


    I am afraid you probably triggered some kind of bug that we didnt encounter before and it might be necessary to setup the installation again to work properly unless you are able to manually edit your database tables. if thats the case: you need to open wp_options table of your isntallation and search for an option_name that reads: “kriesi_Avisio_portfolio”

    once that is removed the onyl the portfolio overview will be reset but no particular item will be removed


    The same thing happened to me, so there is definitely a bug you need to track down.

    Anyway, the problem was resolved when I deleted the row “kriesi_Avisio_portfolio” in the db

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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