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    I really want all of my content pages (all but the front page) to look exactly like the example on . I would also like to have the bottom part (where the sermons are) on there to be my page content with a right sidebar for widgets like the daily verse. I have tried and tried to set this up in the template builder with no luck. The closest I have come to adding a sidebar without it going up top beside the call out is where I see you can add a widget to the bottom with columns but I do not see how you can make one of the columns the current page content. I only see where you can select another page or direct text not a “”Display the content of this post/page” option. Can someone please give me the steps to do this in template builder?


    Hey allofthepeople!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    If you import the dummy data, you’ll see how the About Us page has been created. The demo data consist of the About dynamic template. Unfortunately, you can’t add a sidebar without breaking the intended layout.



    Ok well how can I manually make a column “Display the content of this post/page”? Or is it easier to make the right sidebar fall to the side of the page content like it does other templates without a callout?



    I’m not quite sure what you mean within the context of the “About Us” page in the demo:

    That page uses the page content with 2 columns under it. Each column is populated with the sermon entries.


    That is my desired look for my content pages… Here are the two ways I have tried so far but I know there has to be a coding solution to this someone could easily help me with.

    For both of these attempts I first set up the template builder exactly like the one in the “Dummy Import” removed the content I did not need then:
    1. Added a right sidebar.
    Problem: Adding a right sidebar added it to the area beside the top call out instead of at the bottom with the page content.

    2. Added columns
    Problem: I was able to set up my look with a right column having a widget area but my left area only has the options to show a specified page’s content or the content from the direct input. I do not see a ”Display the content of this post/page” option in the columns setup.



    Yes, a “Display the content of this post/page” column option is not supported by Incarnation. I recommend to use the “Direct Input” field instead if you want to display custom text next to the widget area.



    Is there any simple coding change you could suggest to make that possible or to make the sidebar placement not be beside the callout? If not the only way I can think of it to make a template for every single page and in that column specify the page. If I have to do that hopefully I can find a way to copy the template without having to manually create it each time then I would just have to simply modify each copy instead.


    No, none that i can think of since it would mean creating a new element for the template builder. There could be another more creative way but really the whole way of organizing content with templates goes against how you have the layouts in mind. The page where the template is being applied is the focus of a template and not a sub content area.


    Ok thanks. I am using that page’s content on the page I just can not get the Sidebar to cooperate with using a Call Out. I really want more freedom than having to input that page’s content in the direct input I want it to be able to work like a normal page. I am going to repost this as a new topic with a little bit more clarification and maybe some other visitors or mods would be able to help with some coding solutions.



    Thank you for the update

    Unfortunately, that is not possible on the theme without major modifications. You might need to find a plugin or hire a freelance developer to add the feature for you. Please visit Werkpress for further customization. You can also vote or post the feature on our Feature Requests page.


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