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    I need to have a streched layout for my homepage but use a boxed layout for the rest of the website. Any idea how could i achieve this the easiest way? Or another variant would be to use boxed everywhere but need to have black background everywhere (including the box) on the homepage and white bg in the boxed on the rest of the website.

    To make it easier to understand …

    Homepage: streched layout with black background or boxed layout with black background outside AND inside the box

    Rest of website: boxed layout with black background outside the box and white background inside the box

    Thank you.


    Update, also Abundance 1.2.1 and WooCommerce 1.5 > WooCommerce Product Categories widget in Shop Overview Page (left) doesn’t display as a list.

    The dropdown works but I need it as a list>sublist to look like a menu.

    Maybe it’s just since the update because I did a clean reinstall of WordPress, WooCommrce and Abundance and I still need to tinker about with it but … I know I had it before when WooCommerce was updated to 1.4


    1) Open up header.php and replace:

    $style = avia_get_option('boxed','boxed');


    if (is_home){
    $style = 'stretched';
    $style = avia_get_option('boxed','boxed');

    and select the boxed layout in the backend.

    2) The widget is part of woocommerce. If you want to modify the code please ask the woocommerce developers for help or post a feature request here:


    Awesome, will test 1) and reply with the results.

    About 2) I will investigate and will post results here today hopefully.

    Thank you.

    Leaving the post open untill I check 1) and will change status to resolved once I can confirm the code you supplied works.



    Did it work for you?




    Yes it worked :) Thank you.

    I have a couple more questions but I’m setting up the shop completely then I’ll post all of them in one post, no point opening x posts for each question every day.



    Great!, However we will close this one for now, its easier to keep track for us then ;)

    Just open a new one with your questions once you are ready.

    Best regards,


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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