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    I want to have a different logo for some pages in my site, i wrote in an old post but i didn’t get and answer.

    Thank you



    Is there anyone there? Last week I wrote about 3 or 4 posts and have not received any response. One of the big reasons why I bought Kriesi templates has been an excellent support forum, but in recent days has been delayed more than normal responses to questions on the forum. Please at least advise if they have problems with response times.



    Hi Dmaldonado,

    This question was answered by Dude in the last thread. You can use class styling to target the page you want to have a different logo on.

    See: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-posts


    Than you Devin, but if you can see in that post, i also commented on it, because a i tried my self to do that and i couldn’t do the same.



    Hey Devin, can you explain to me how can i word with conditional tags for this? Dude show us the solution with css but, actually i need to change the logo for a whole section in my page…. so i think its better using a conditional tag, but, i tried to understand the wp codex but, unfortunaly i have a limited programmer skills… so a little help would be great.

    Thank You

    Daniel Maldonado


    Hi Dmaldonado,

    I’m not really able to provide a good introduction to conditional tags (its not a simple topic suitable for the support forums). The following is a bit old, but still seems to give a good lesson in using them with wordpress: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -conditional-tags/

    The CSS solution should work however for individual page changes as wordpress adds a page class to each body.


    Thanks Devin!

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