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    Since I deactivated the Expose theme and then reactivated it the custom widgets area function on pages appears to be broken.

    Creating a custom widget area for a specific page works and the widget shows up, the problem is that any widgets in the ‘Sidebar Pages’ also show up.

    The function is not broken on posts only pages. Any ideas?



    Hi, can you provide me with a link to your site & tell me which widgets shouldn’t be there? If everything was functional before you deactivated the theme it’s hard to believe it’s the theme that’s bugged.

    It’s possible the settings of the theme you used while Expose was deactivated left some database information concerning widgets, therefore Expose might use database information which was stored by a different theme.


    Here’s the link Chris

    I have used the ‘Extra Widget Areas for specific Pages’ and selected the ‘Get in Touch’ page as an additional page. Then on the Appearance > Widgets page I have dragged the ‘Latest News’ widget into the newly created widget area.

    The ‘Browse by category’ and the ‘Search Locations’ widgets have been specified in the default ‘Sidebar Pages’ widget area so it is my understanding that they should not now be showing on this page.



    By the way the theme I swapped to was the wordpress 2010 theme

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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