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    I have a Portfolio labeled ‘media’ (as can be seen here: which features videos and photo gallery. In the thumbnails on that page, when I user clicks on them (a thumbnail), it currently plays the video/photo-gallery right there in the thumbnail. I want it to be so that when they click the thumbnail, it directs them to the full page (such as happens when you click on the text beneath the thumbnail). So what do I do?

    Thank you! :D


    Hi aristechmedia,

    I think your only option would be to have the video open up in a lightbox instead of playing within the slideshow area. To do this, you would add an image and then set the link to manual and put in the link to your video (without any https or shortened links).

    I’ll double check to see if there is any other way but I think the options are a little limited with Propulsion.




    I’m not a big fan of lightbox, so if there is another option, I would love to aim for that. :)



    Another solution is to create an image thumbnail depicting a video player and link it to post. :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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