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    Hey aurove!

    Seems like you got it working! In cases like this you can try adding CSS codes to Custom.css file that is inside Enfold > Css folder



    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks for the quick reply!
    It was a caching issue, the theme and the code worked just perfect. :)

    But i am having an issue, and it seems to be not caching related.
    I setup the blog page with a custom right sidebar; but the blog page shows another sidebar (i guess is the one by default).

    I want that the blog page (Novedades) display the custom sidebar i set for all blog posts, like this one:
    But currently, the blog page (Novedades) is displaying this one:

    I already set in the blog page (Novedades) a right sidebar, and i selected the custom sidebar i´ve made… any ideas of what is causing the issue?

    Brief explanation:
    I want this sidebar (called Sidebar Blog ES): in the Blog Page (Novedades)

    Best regards,



    Try adding it to css/custom.css file instead.

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    I´ve used the WidgetLogic plugin and now all sidebars works as i wanted.

    Once again, thanks for the help, you can mark this topic as solved. :)

    All the best.


    Glad we could help. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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