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    Guys, thanks for the reply, but the recommendation you supplied did not do the trick. The reason I’m posting this again is that my last post was closed and I could not reply.

    Original question: Anyone know how to disable and/or remove the responsive layout within the Propulsion theme?

    Reply from cog7: I haven’t tested this, but most responsive websites simply use media queries in the CSS. It looks like the Propulsion theme has those queries in the layout.css file, between lines 2034 and 2099. If you remove those, comment them out, or override them with your own CSS, that should make the theme a “normal,” unresponsive theme.

    Reply from (the man) Kriesi: thanks cog7 thats the correct answer :)

    I am modifying the layout.css file located in, you guessed it, the CSS folder, however, after I upload the new style sheet, the responsive theme remains (the formatting is off a little, though, which I attribute to the removal of the Media Query code.)

    When I open the layout.css file in Dreamweaver 5.5, my code lines only go to 2035…

    Here’s a link to a screenshot of the code within the layout.css file I assume you are referring to:


    Hi Breakpoint,

    Removing the queries removes the change in layout completely for different media devices. The layout is still mostly liquid however which is why you’ll see it kind of squish together even after remove the @media specific styles.

    In order to get rid of this, you’ll need to go through the layout.css and change most of the percentage based containers and layout classes that make up the structure of the theme.


    Hm actually the solution might be easier than to change all the percentage based settings.

    I would recommend to open the grid.css file and also remove all the media queries in there (line 57-180).

    This will set the outer container to a fixed with, therefore you dont need to edit every single percentage based with inside of layout.css

    removing the media queries of layout.css should then seal the deal…

    let us know if that works out, I’ll leave this thread open for now ;)


    Worked like a charm, Kriesi… much appreciated (you too, Devin.)



    Great. Status set to resolved.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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