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    Hello, I need to be able to load the main content without reloading pages, so I installed a plugin called Ajax Page Loader.

    If you visit my site you will see that the landing page loads fine but when you try to visit another page it either does nothing or just shows the no loading message.

    My Site –

    According to the plugin instructions, this sort of problem is caused by the code snippet used to create the content not being reloaded. So in order for me to fix this I need to get the code snippet.

    Could someone help, the plugin seems very straight forward and there are examples on the plugin page I posted above.

    Many thanks


    I’ve managed to get the pages working except for the blog page


    Hi larssonk22,

    I’m not familiar with that plugin but if you want to take a look at the code that generates the blog, its in includes>loop-index.php.




    I can get it working if I am on the blog page going to a normal page, but if I try to click back to the blog page it doesn’t work, so I’m wondering if the problem is on the loop-page-mini.php or if its on loop-index

    If you go to the news page and click refresh you will see that only part of the page content is displayed when visiting the page via one of the other links.



    Hi larssonk22,

    I am also not familiar with this plugin. Let me tag Peter to check this issue. :)




    Thanks Ismael,

    Just a little update, the plugin requires me to add an ID to a div which holds the content I wish to load.

    For example on page.php I have added id container to the div class box the same is done to the container in the loop-page-mini.

    However the loop-index.php does not have a div with a class box so I added to the div with class post entry on line 13.


    Hi, any ideas how I can get the homepage and category pages working?


    I’m not familiar with the plugin but you can try to replace following line:

    <div class='post-entry <?php echo "post-entry-".$loopcounter; $loopcounter++; ?>'>


    <div id="content" class='post-entry <?php echo "post-entry-".$loopcounter; $loopcounter++; ?>'>

    If this doesn’t work you need to wrap the post loop into a new div with the id “content”.


    Thanks I’ll try this, which file should I be making this change too?

    EDIT: I wrapped the loop in loop-index.php and the blog posts display :)

    However the first post “Hello World” will remain displayed even when you are not on the news page, and when you click the home link, the page loads and the title home is displayed



    inside reload_code.js


    change to


    That should get the nav menu to show which page you are located on, and not just the very first one.

    It wont work in Explorer probably.Besides that I am not really familiar with this plugin.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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