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    Our website is just not showing right on mobile smartphone and tablet devices. And I’m confident it’s not because our browser requirements are not met, we cross-referenced in multiple devices including updated ones. The “About” page has a background image in the background slider setting, and on iPhones the image doesn’t fill the entire screen and shows as a layer on top of the “home” background image.

    Also, I posted previously about images being cut on the right side on mobile devices. Again, this is not because our devices are not up to date, as you suggested. It’s showing this way in all mobile and tablet devices.

    Could you please check to see how we can fix the issues above? We really need to have this resolved.

    Here’s the link:

    Thank you so much


    Hi mimishkoumish,

    For the images being cropped, this is taken care of by a theme setting. Go to your Theme Options>General Settings and look for the option “Background Gallery Image Cropping/resizing”. You can choose for the images in your overall background slider to be scaled to fit with the browser with cropping or without. *Without cropping will give you the background showing on the sides of the image that don’t scale to the device*

    As for the other issue, can you take a look at the demo site and see if you are getting the same look there?





    The “Without cropping” option has been selected, but even then it doesn’t show correctly. Your demo shows correct on our mobile devices, and shows the full images without cropping.

    Any suggestions?



    If you have the option set to “Without cropping” it will not adjust to the full width of the browser window. It needs to be able to crop and resize the image to do the same background effect as in the demo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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