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    I have the avisio theme installed and cannot find the magic wand. Unless I am mistaken and avisio does not include shortcodes.

    See screenshot:




    yes – Avisio doesn’t come with a shortcode generator/magic wand icon. It’s only included in “newer” themes like Broadscope, Brightbox, Corona, Coalition, Upscale, Shoutbox, Flashlight & Abundance.


    So is there anything I can do to get those shortcodes to work for avisio? I assumed since in the demo site they were listed, that I would have access to them. I just would like to put the block slider on the page. Is there any way I can manually insert that?

    Feel kind of mislead that there’s a shortcode listing on the demo site, but no actual way to implement them.


    Avisio supports the shortcodes which are listed in the themeforest description text or are shown on the demo page. Avisio just doesn’t support the shortcode generator but you need to add/insert the shortcodes manually. The documentation (which is included in the themeforest zip file) includes the sample code snippets. You can also view the online documentation here:

    Basically you can use following sample code for the slider:


    [slide src='' url='']

    [slide src='' url='']

    [slide src='']


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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