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    I really, really could use the Testimonials feature found on CleanCut. From what I’ve seen in the demos, it appears that the Testimonials function is not available in Brightbox, Avisio or any other newer theme.

    If it isn’t available in any other theme, is there a way to put the testimonials code in one of the newer themes?



    currently only CleanCut offers the testimonial feature however Brightbox and Upscale offer a template builder which can help you to create custom page/post layouts and which can be used to create special designs for your testimonial pages. However they won’t look like the CleanCut testimonial section. If you’re good in php/css and familiar with js you can also integrate the feature in other themes.


    If you’re good in php/css and familiar with js you can also integrate the feature in other themes.

    Do you mean to say that if I acquired CleanCut along with Brightbox or another theme, I could (with the help of someone skilled at php/css and js) “borrow” the Testimonial code from CleanCut and add it to the front page of the Brightbox (or other) theme?

    For a business website, it can be an important thing to have testimonials on part of the home page. I like the CleanCut version because it also uses the images as selectors for the different testimonial tabs.


    If you’ve a CleanCut license you can use the code with another theme – yes. However you’re not allowed to bundle the js and css code with commercial projects (i.e to sell themes with the testimonials code).


    Dude, thanks for your prompt replies. Just to clarify… If I have a CleanCut license, I can use the code with another Kriesi theme (e.g. Brightbox) as long as I’m using it for a site I’m building myself. Correct?

    I have a friend who is quite skilled with php/css/js and has agreed to help. If my only goal was to put the Testimonials on the home page (almost exactly where it appears in CleanCut, but just in a different theme), is there much beyond copy/pasting of a block of code or two? Are there snippets of code elsewhere in the theme package that we’d need to be aware of? Are there tweaks we’d need to make to the main code to allow it to fit in there nicely?

    Thanks, again, for your help with this!



    yes – if you’ve a cleancut license you can use the code in another theme. Basically your friend can find the most important code parts in index.php, custom.js, testimonials_meta_box.php and some css code in style.css and style1.css.

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