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    From the main menu I have a drop down but only has one item in the drop down. I would like to have it start directly under the main menu and not have such a big spacing gap. As well as remove the border and shadow effect. Would greatly appreciate your help.


    Hey Zabrina!

    Not sure if that is going to be possible. Send us a link to your page and take a screenshot highlighting the exact changes your trying to do and we’ll take a look.



    Hi Elliott,

    Sorry the site is not live. But I included screenshots in the private data field.

    1. If this can not be accomplished what would you recommend for a clean look that wouldn’t look odd since there is only 1 drop down.

    2. If I want to get rid of the outline and shadow, how do I do that? currently I have in the Quick CSS the following but it isn’t working:
    #top .sub_menu li ul {
    border: none;
    box-shadow: none;

    Thank you




    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    #top .av-main-nav ul{
    margin-top: -50px;



    That worked like a charm – thank you. It was driving me nuts :) I was able to get rid of the shadow around the drop down menu.

    1. How do I add a thick color border only to the bottom of the drop down menu. See website example in private content.
    Would like to add this once there are more pages added to the drop down menu.

    2. Adding a color to the background of the drop down box? Just in case I would like to change it :)

    Really appreciate your help.




    Use the following:

    .header_color .main_menu .menu ul li a {
        background: red;
    #top .av-main-nav ul{
        border-bottom: 20px solid gray



    Thank you Josue, works perfectly.


    ~ Z


    You are welcome, glad to help :)



    Another question. The slider banner images keep enlarging/zooming in and cropping off. The banner dimensions are 1140×470 which I set in the slider settings. How do I stop it from cropping/enlarging the image?



    We’d need to see the site live in order to debug that kind of issue. Let us know when you publish the site.

    Best regards,


    Not sure how or what – but the banner images are working now :) go figure.

    I know this is a silly question but I have three column’s the middle one I have a thumbnail image with the text that keeps wrapping around the bottom of it. I don’t want the text to wrap around the bottom of the image. I just need it for the middle column on the home page. Everything is left justified.

    ~ Z


    This is kinda difficult without seeing the issue but i’m going to guess, try with this code:

       margin-bottom: 100px;


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