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    Can’t find how to create drop down menus off main menu.

    Also can’y figure out where to type and use a short code. I typed a code using the editor but nothing happened.

    Need to have 2 or 3 columns but can’t get short code right.

    Sorry for inconvenience but I am new to WordPress.


    Go to your admin panel > design > menu

    Here you can create your own, personal menu. Add your homepage and other pages/categories to the menu. Afterwards you can order them by drag’n’drop the elements (in the menu editor on the right).

    The shortcode for columns must be added to the text in the wordpress editor – so where you write your posts and pages.

    You get 3 columns by adding this in your editor:

    [one_third]Content here.[/one_third]
    [one_third]Content here.[/one_third]
    [one_third last]Content here.[/one_third]

    2 columns:

    [one_half]Content here.[/one_half]
    [one_half last]Content here.[/one_half]

    Everything is also described in the template documentation.

    The Dude


    To fully understand the shortcodes, I’d recommend using the dummy content installer to import the content to match the setup of the demo. You can then look at the pages (particularly Basic / Advanced Shortcodes) to understand and duplicate the way everything works.


    Thanks dude

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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